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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

We believe that we have created the best team of Volkswagen and Mitsubishi people available in the Mission area. They have been carefully assembled to compliment each other's skills and abilities. Just like with a car, each part or person has come together to be something greater than they could each be individually. Each one of those people below loves their job and they love serving you, the customer, or we wouldn’t have them here. Payne Brownsville is your automotive support team, and when there is something you need it will be one of those wonderful faces below that helps you out.


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The greatest feeling I receive in this industry as a General Store Manager at Payne Brownsville, is seeing the smiles on our customers' faces when we are able to approve them on a vehicle of their choice. My team will go the distance and give them best customer service to every customer that walks in our doors. My drive is to change the lives of my team for the better and our Company Mission.

19 Years of Experience

Being in the car industry has provided many great opportunities for my family and myself. Working at Payne Brownsville as a Used Car Manager I am fortunate enough to have an amazing front team, a good working environment, and acquiring years of knowledge in this industry. My personal mission is to give exceptional customer service to every customer I have the pleasure of working with. 


10 Years of Experience

Working at Payne Brownsville as a New Car Manager I am both honored & blessed to be in this industry. Seeing the look on my customer's faces when we're able to approve them on a new car is a rewarding experience that never fades with time and creates an enjoyable experience; for the customer to return without the negative thought people tend to associate in a car dealership. Selling cars isn’t just a means of making a living for my family but I have an enjoyable career that rewards me with endless possibilities as I continue to impact our customers in a positive manner. I can only say- I love what I do.  

18 Years of Experience 

Working at Payne Brownsville as the Finance Manager has given me the unique ability to help protect our customer’s investment for miles and miles. Addressing our customer’s worries and concerns during the signing process helps me to determine the wide range of services we provide. Ensuring our customers leave with peace of mind on and off the road for their family. Being a part of this unique experience continues to drive me in the car industry.

8 Year of Experience

At Payne Brownsville, I feel great when customers come in and were able to take care of their needs in both parts and car services. Helping people continues to be a driving factor in my everyday work ethic in this industry. I am fortunate to have such a hard-driven team that’s dedicated to servicing our customer’s vehicles in a timely manner. 

34 Years of Experience


Working as a Salesman at Payne Brownsville is a rewarding experience! It makes me happy to know I can help fulfill a family's needs by providing the best car for them; versus overselling them in features that won’t benefit their needs. Having the ability to interact with families and getting to know why they are looking for a vehicle helps me understand what they really need and gives me that satisfaction in providing them the best advice in the years of my experience.


12 Years of Experience


Being a receptionist at Payne Brownsville gives me a sense of purpose in the car industry, as I address our customer’s calls and concerns head-on. Helping our customers reach the correct department in our vast growing company ensures we’re giving a seamless experience in person or over the phone. 

2 Years & 6 Months of Experience



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