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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

We believe that we have created the best team of Volkswagen and Mitsubishi people available in the Mission area. They have been carefully assembled to compliment each other's skills and abilities. Just like with a car, each part or person has come together to be something greater than they could each be individually. Each one of those people below loves their job and they love serving you, the customer, or we wouldn’t have them here. Payne Brownsville is your automotive support team, and when there is something you need it will be one of those wonderful faces below that helps you out.


Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.


Manuel Mar

General Manager

Jorge Santillana

Used Car Manager

Art Juarez

New Car Manager

Roberto Bautista

Finance Manager

David Duran

Service and Parts Manager


Miguel Garcia

Sales Professional

(956) 640-2110

Memo Perez

Sales Professional

(956) 589-1098

Luis Garcia

Sales Professional

(956) 592-1882

Arturo Juarez Jr.

Sales Professional

(956) 667-9887

Ivan Gomez

Sales Professional

(956) 293-9474

Joel Sanchez

Sales Professional

(956) 203-4335

Marcos Duran

Sales Professional

(956) 243-2786

Ana Reyes



Gumaro Castillo

Service Advisor

Ruben Perales

Service Advisor

Tomas Vasquez

Service Advisor


Joe Guillen

Parts Advisor

Pedro Hernandez

Parts Advisor

David Resendez

Parts Advisor

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